Leveraging technology & personalized communication to create powerful response

Latest Synapses 401(k) Reports Spawn Even Greater Results

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – January 23, 2007 – Synapses Inc., a leading provider of personalized 401(k) education, products and services, today announced the unveiling of its third generation of customized reports used by plan providers to educate and inspire individual 401(k) investors.

Already receiving praise from Synapses customers, the newest reporting product includes the following unique features designed to gain increasing response rates from investors:

  • High customization ability on a per-Sponsor basis
  • Highly dynamic full-color graphical content
  • Personalized return cards
  • Simple, comprehensive Synapses processing of responses

Unmatched Results

Results continue to outperform previous reporting, highlighting the power behind well-designed, easily understood reports that are supported with thorough and timely processing. Once a 401(k) investor receives and reviews the report, they simply sign a convenient response card that is then mailed to Synapses for recording. The back-end, fully managed by Synapses, offers 401(k) providers with:

  • A confirmation letter that includes an image of the response card
  • A transaction file of 401(k) savings rate change requests
  • Convenient file format options in Microsoft Excel for hand keying
  • Option for machine readable format to eliminate hand keying

"Synapses continues to illustrate its expertise in 401(k) services, as providers are quickly seeing increasing results and clarity from our latest reporting services," said Jim Saunders, President of Synapses. "Well received by providers and investors, the reports provide clear, highly visual data that allow for the most informed, customized investment decisions. Providing both 401(k) providers and investors with premium, fast products is key to a successful program."

Leveraging technology & personalized communication to create powerful response
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